The Top 10 strangest team names in pro hockey history

No NHL teams. (Too familiar to be “strange.”) No junior teams. (Sorry, Lewiston MAINEiacs–you have to be able to drink in the US.) No teams with foreign-language names. (“Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk” might look funny to North Americans, but so what? “Manchester Monarchs” looks funny to Russians.) No teams with regular animal or force-of-nature names. (Nice try, Amarillo Gorillas.) Click the team name links to view the logos. Here we go.

1. The Troy Uncle Sam Trojans: Is this actually what Uncle Sam wanted?

2. The Winston-Salem Polar Twins: Quick! Skate to Vancouver! Replace the just-announced 2010 Olympic mascots!

3. The Victoria Salmon Kings: They pwn the Tuna Princes.

4. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies: Because of them, the boardwalk needs a facelift.

5. The Lexington Men O’War: Never would have dressed Manon Rheaume.

6. The Macon Whoopee: Always got screwed by the refs.

7. The Saguenay Paramedic: In Quebec’s Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey, you must have a paramedic on hand.

8. The Landshut Cannibals: At least we know German cannibals can be reformed.

9. The Renfrew Creamery Kings: Hall-of-Fame game, but not a great name.

10. Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg: Another German club. Why didn’t they go with David Hasselhoff Wolfsburg? Digg it Furl iFeedReaders Netscape RawSugar reddit StumbleUpon Yahoo MyWeb YardBarker

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