Ten things Gretzky might have said to Crosby

What might Wayne Gretzky have said to Sidney Crosby in conversation outside the dressing rooms after the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Phoenix Coyotes 3-1 at Mellon Arena on Monday? Here are ten intriguing possibilities.

1. “Never call the New Jersey Devils a Mickey Mouse organization. What, that thought never crossed your mind?”

2. “Stay away from those Jofa helmets. I know, I know…but today the concussions are MUCH stronger.”

3. “So, who’s your designated fire hydrant?”

4. “I bet you’ll break all my records someday. Wait, let me rephrase that.”

5. “No way. Semenko could take Laraque, easy.”

6. “Yeah, but did you know I used to endorse 7-Up?”

7. “Oh, and the Wayne Gretzky doll! How could I forget the doll?”

8. “That’s just a silly rumor. Why would they trade you to Los Angeles?”

9. “Believe me, Vancouver’s a lot nicer than Turin anyway.”

10. “Buddy, why don’t you ask Paulina yourself?”

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