Ovechkin rocks like it’s 1984

If there’s one lesson we can take out of the just-completed NHL All-Star Weekend, it’s this: Alexander Ovechkin is Russian hockey’s answer to David Lee Roth, the ultra-outgoing lead singer of Van Halen.

And we even have video evidence to support the following claims about the reigning Hart Trophy winner from the Washington Capitals and the blonde-maned showman who sang such rock classics as “Unchained” and “Jump.”

1) Like Roth, Ovechkin isn’t afraid to have fun and risk making a fool of himself in public. Just witness his shootout competition goal scored while toting a floppy hat, shades, and two hockey sticks, with a little help from his newfound friend Evgeni Malkin.

Ovechkin in the shootout competition. Roth in “Dance The Night Away.”

2) Like Roth, Ovechkin wears an ear-to-ear smile on all occasions, even when he gets caught admiring the ladies in the crowd. (Now close your eyes and try to envision: who else in the NHL does that? Maybe Jarome Iginla?)

Ovechkin caught in the act. Roth in “California Girls.”

3) Like Roth, Ovechkin is capable of spectacular athletic feats, like this shootout-clinching goal he scored on Roberto Luongo in the All-Star Game.

Ovechkin scores the clincher. Roth in “Unchained.”

4) Like Roth, Ovechkin regularly comes up with some of the best quotes–despite his still-garbled English.

Try some of these gems from the weekend.

On meeting Gordie Howe and other retired NHL greats: “I ask [Howe] everything what I can ask him. Lots of legends were here and I shake hands with them. It’s history; they play before in us in the NHL. It’s funny how they are getting older and the same is going to be with us.”

On what it cost him to get #8 on his jersey from Habs D-man Mike Komisarek, who has more seniority in the NHL: “Just a bottle of wine. Maybe dinner.”

On his collision with Boston goalie Tim Thomas during an Eastern Conference All-Stars practice: “Russian machine never break!”

And the classic Roth quote that best parallels Ovechkin’s outlook? “I live and breathe and do four times as much four times as fast as anyone else.”

5) Like Roth, Ovechkin likes to rock. (Although in this respect, he has quite a ways to go to match Diamond Dave.)

Ovechkin performs “Rock the Red.” Roth rips through “Jump.”

By the way, none of this should be interpreted as saying Sidney Crosby is Sammy Hagar.

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