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Seven super November hockey stories

Here are seven hockey stories from both mainstream sites and blogs that made an impression on me this month. 1. The Globe and Mail: “Speed kills”: Has the NHL gotten too fast for its own good? Eric Duhatschek investigates. Interesting to see Al MacInnis admit that sometimes he’s preferred watching international women’s hockey due to […]

Heroes of the Canada Cup and World Cup of Hockey

Originally written for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey Program By Lucas Aykroyd Nobody would deny that hockey is a team game. But success in a short, intense international tournament can sometimes hinge on a brilliant individual performance. Whether you’re talking about setting the stage for things to come or actually clinching a championship, this […]

Ruutu ready for new NHL season with Canucks

Originally published on in 2000 By Lucas Aykroyd “No surprises to me. His game is the same every day. He’s such a competitor, such a pest.” That’s how Kansas City Blades Head Coach Stan Smyl recently described Jarkko Ruutu, a gritty 25-year-old Finnish right winger from Helsinki. And that consistency may win the IFK […]

Fight to the Finnish: The Canada-Finland Rivalry Heats Up

Originally published on in 2006 By Lucas Aykroyd Most Canadian hockey fans have a soft spot for the Finns. After all, they employ a hard-working, physical style that’s reminiscent of Canada’s, and numerous Finnish players have starred in Canadian NHL cities, especially out West. The Edmonton Oilers might not have five Stanley Cups to […]

Finns face chance of a lifetime

Originally published on in 2006 By Lucas Aykroyd For Finland, winning the 2006 Olympic gold medal in hockey would be the equivalent of Canada’s 1972 triumph over the Soviet Union in the Summit Series or the USA’s 1980 “Miracle on Ice” win over the Russians. It would be a unique, defining moment in the […]

Can anyone beat the North American women’s hockey powers?

Originally published on in 2002 By Lucas Aykroyd In international men’s hockey, there’s an ongoing debate about where the balance of power lies between North America and Europe. But on the women’s side, there’s no question. The economic equivalent would be something like General Motors and Ford versus the Bicyclemaker’s Guild of San Marino. […]

Net Loss: From Olympic Heroes to NHL Zeroes

Originally published on in 2002 By Lucas Aykroyd Sean Burke, Tommy Salo and Mike Richter are great examples of goalies that have parlayed an Olympic experience into a successful NHL career. But not all are so fortunate. Some goalies are better suited for the concentrated brilliance that the Olympics require than for the long […]

Kapanen key for Finnish offense

Originally published on IHWC.NET in 2002 By Lucas Aykroyd When the tragic news of Saku Koivu’s abdominal cancer first broke in September, the first reaction of hockey fans everywhere was to wish the star Finnish center a full recovery from his illness. Next, thoughts turned to how Koivu’s absence might affect not only the Montreal […]

Aalto Building Solid NHL Future

Originally published on in 1999 By Lucas Aykroyd Alvar Aalto gained worldwide fame as the greatest Finnish architect of the twentieth century. Antti Aalto is still a work-in-progress. No relation to his famous namesake, the 23-year-old center from Lappeenranta, Finland has finally secured his place in the lineup of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in […]

Laukkanen viihtyy Ottawassa

Originally published on in 1999 By Lucas Aykroyd Janne Laukkanen on ollut yksi Ottawa Senatorsin parhaista puolustajista tänä vuonna, vaikka hanellä on vain yksi syöttöpiste. 183-senttinen, 88-kiloinen kolminkertainen olympiaedujusta on pelannut vankkaa puolustuspeliä Ottawassa vuodesta 1996, jolloin joukkue hankki hänet Coloradosta. Lucas Aykroyd EuroReportista puhui Laukkasen kanssa Senatorsien lyötyä Vancouverin 2-1 GM Placessä 16 […]