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NHL Quotes of the Week: December 23, 2007

In case you’re wondering why updates have been infrequent recently, I spent a week vacationing in Huatulco, Mexico, where CNN occasionally shows 30 seconds of NHL highlights every four hours. When I got back, it was nice to see that the NHL had been as calm, peaceful, and serene as a Mexican beach, and the […]

NHL Quotes of the Week: December 9, 2007

Smart hockey and hard-hitting journalism. Could you ask for more of a winning combination? Why, it’s the essence of the latest NHL Quotes of the Week. “Not long ago, taking an aspirin was the medical solution for a concussion.” — Columbus Blue Jackets coach Ken Hitchcock on today’s increased awareness about this serious hockey health […]

NHL Quotes of the Week

Armed robbery. Cheating husbands. Judy Garland. We’ve got it all covered in the latest edition of NHL Quotes of the Week. “I’m going to say, ‘Hey buddy, remember me, the guy whose career you almost ended last year? See this dent in my face? Want to be roomies?’” — Journeyman enforcer Todd Fedoruk on being […]

Seven super November hockey stories

Here are seven hockey stories from both mainstream sites and blogs that made an impression on me this month. 1. The Globe and Mail: “Speed kills”: Has the NHL gotten too fast for its own good? Eric Duhatschek investigates. Interesting to see Al MacInnis admit that sometimes he’s preferred watching international women’s hockey due to […]

The Top 10 strangest team names in pro hockey history

No NHL teams. (Too familiar to be “strange.”) No junior teams. (Sorry, Lewiston MAINEiacs–you have to be able to drink in the US.) No teams with foreign-language names. (“Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk” might look funny to North Americans, but so what? “Manchester Monarchs” looks funny to Russians.) No teams with regular animal or force-of-nature names. (Nice try, […]

NHL Quotes of the Week

“Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm,” sang Depeche Mode in the 1990 hit single “Enjoy The Silence.” Oh yeah? Obviously, you don’t hear a lot of Depeche Mode around NHL dressing rooms. It’s just the second month of the 2007-08 regular season, and already, players, coaches, and owners are proving unable to […]

Hockey jobs: find work in the NHL and beyond

If you’re reading this in mid-November, you might be thinking: “Who applies for a hockey job a month before Christmas? The season’s in full swing. Most of the jobs are taken now.” You wouldn’t be far from the truth. But the fact is, there are hockey jobs available right now. And if you want to […]

Penalty-killing fever

Joe Pelletier’s got an intriguing read over at Greatest Hockey Legends about some of the greatest penalty-killing experts in NHL history, including a run-down of the top all-time shorthanded goal-scorers. (It looks like Wayne Gretzky has a lock on that record with 73 goals, especially since his closest active competition is Sergei Fedorov with 36.) […]

NHL power forwards as battleships?

Since officially launching this site last month, I’ve enjoyed all the emails I’ve received from readers, hailing anywhere from New York City to Duncan, British Columbia. The most unusual one so far comes from a hockey fan in Ontario who’s also apparently well-versed in naval history. He suggested that I write an article comparing NHL […]

The Straight Dope on Doping in the NHL: Part Two

Dr. Ken Kirkwood, a doping expert at the University of Western Ontario, is eager to debunk the myth that steroid use automatically makes you resemble Ben Johnson, the muscle-laden sprinter whose disqualification from the 1988 Olympics still influences the way Canadians view doping today. In the new NHL, where speed and skill are integral parts […]